Bearings and Power Transmission Belts
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Glossary of Terms – Commercial Bearings

Bore –  The diameter of a bearing’s shaft. The bore is also called the
inner diameter (ID)

Dynamic – lbs capacity while spinning or rotating

OD – Outer Diameter.  Diameter of outer circle

Open Bearings – Not shielded or sealed

Radial load – Every ball bearing meets a specific load requirement–radial load is perpendicular to the shaft

Sealed Bearings – Completely sealed

Shielded Bearings – Not completely sealed—the shield is connected to the outer race with a clearance between it and the inner race

Static – lbs capacity while not spinning or rotating

Thrust load – Every ball bearing meets a specific load requirement—thrust load is along the line of the shaft

Weight – Weight of single bearing in lbs

Width – Thickness of bearing

Ball bearing – A bearing containing small metal balls held between an inner and outer ring to maintain separation between the moving parts.  It is a low-friction or anti-friction bearing.  Ball bearings support the shaft in a set position to allow the shaft to rotate.  Ball bearings produce excellent resistance to wear and the best load carrying ability.

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