Bearings and Power Transmission Belts
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Represented Vendors



ABC Murray
Flame Cut Sprockets, Tork-Trol Shear Pin Assemblies, Tens-A-Matic Motor Bases, and Drive Tensioners.

Accurate Bushing Co., Inc.
Smith Cam Followers

Acme Chain, US Tsubaki, Inc.
Conveyor Chain, Roller Chain, Sprockets, Chain Couplings, QD and TL Bushings, Power-Lock, Shock Relay, Disco and Cableveyor.

AC Technology
Variable Speed AC Motor Drives – recently bought by Lenze

Advance Controls
Starters, Pushbutton Stations, Electrical Components and Panels

Albion Wheel

Alinabal, Inc.
Rod Ends, Spherical Bearings, and Connecting Rod Assemblies

Allied Locke Industries, Inc.
Agricultural Chains, Sprockets, Gears, Precision Roller Chain, and Industrial Chains.

Alling Lander Div. Regal-Beloit Corp.
Worm Gear Speed Reducers

Alvin Products
Lab Metal and Lab Solvent. Metal Repair Compounds.

American Autoguard
Overload Limiters

American Collars and Couplings, Inc.
Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel Collars and Couplings. Solid, One-Piece Split, and Two Piece Split.

American Metric Corporation (Ametric)
Metric Power Transmission Products

American Pulley
American Pulley

AMI Bearings, Inc.
Mounted Bearings. All Stainless Steel Mounted Bearings.

Armstrong Tools – Dahaner Tool Group
Hand Tools

Aurora Bearing
Rod End and Spherical Bearings

Aurora / Hydromatic Pump
Sump Pumps

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Baldor Electric Co.
Electric Motors, AC and DC Motor Controls
Generators and Grinders
Grant Worm Gear Reducers.

Bando American Inc.
Drive Belts and Sheaves, Positive Drives

Banjo Corp. 2015 Product Catalog
Liquid Handling Products. Polypropylene and Stainless Steel Fittings and Valves / Centrifugal Pump

Beltservice Corp.
Industrial and Food Grade Conveyor Belting

Berliss Bearing Co.
Roller Bearing Assemblies

Blastor Brand Products

Adhesives, Sealants and Specialties for Industrial and Construction use.

Boston Gear
Bearings, Rod Ends, Linear Motion, Chain, Sprockets, and Gears.

Bowen Manufacturing
Lubricators, Oil Cups, and Grease Cups

Bowes Manufacturing Inc.
Toggle Clamps

Brewton Iron Works Inc.
Sprockets – Cast / Flame Cut / Plastic / Shear Pin. Bearings – Babbitted / Bronze / Pillow Block / Take-Ups. Rollers / Wheels and Idlers / Bin Valves

Brook Hansen, Inc.
Electric Motors and Speed Reducers

Bryant Products, Inc.
Telescoper Take-Ups

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Carter Manufacturing Co.
Cam Followers, Yoke Rollers, Stainless Steel Cam Followers, Track rollers

Centri-Matic Corp.
Soft Start Drives

Chantland Company
Conveyors, Pulleys, and Batchers.

Chicago Gear Works
Spur Gears and Racks, Worm.

Conveyor Accessories
Conveyor Belt Lacing and Tools

Craft Bearing Co., Inc.
Split Roller Mounted Bearings

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Dalton Gear Company
Drive Tensioners, Idler Sprockets, ‘OSD’ Overload Safety Devices, Torque Limiters and Couplings, Worm Gear Reducers, and Bevel Gear Drives.

Danaher Tool Group
Armstrong Hand Tools

Dayco Corporation
Drive Belts and Sheave, Positive Drive, Hydraulic Hose and Fittings, and Industrial Hose and Fittings.

Deck Manufacturing Corp.
Gear and Disc Couplings

Dixon Valve and Coupling Co.
Pneumatic and Liquid Handling Fittings and Accessories.

Donaldson Co., Inc.
Heavy Duty Muffler and Exhaust Products. Air Cleaners and Intake System Accessories. Silicone Hose and Rubber Adapters For Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Applications. Filters – Lube, Fuel, Coolant, Air, and Hydraulic

Dorris Co.
Helical Gear Drives, Shaft Mounted, Screw Conveyor, Offset Parallel Shaft, Gear Motor, and Accessories.

Drive-All Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Multispeed Transmissions

Dynacorp, Inc.
Brakes, Clutch, and Controllers

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Eagle Belting Company
Urethane Flat, Round, and V-Belting.

Edison Fusegear
Brush Fuses and Fuse Clips

Essex Brass Company
Sight Gauges, Valves Tube and Pipe Fittings

Euclid Universal Corp.
Gear Reducers

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Falcon Belting, Inc.
Plastic Conveyor Belting

Federal Bronze Products
Bronze and Oil Impregnated Bearings

Fel-Pro, Inc.
Anaerobic – Anti-Corrosion – Anti-Seize – Epoxy – Sealants

F.E. Myers
Industrial Pumps – Reciprocating / Centrifugal / Submersible

Fenner Drives
Powertwist Link Belting, Efson Idlers

Flexco Alligator
Conveyor Belt Fasteners

Fostoria Industries
Infrared and Lighting Products

Frantz Bearing
Conveyor Wheels and Bearings

FYH Bearing Units
Mounted Bearings and Stainless Steel Bearings

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The Gardan Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Bellow Seal Boots

Oil Seals

General Bearing Co.
Ball, Roller, Mounted, Spherical, and Ball Transfer Bearings.

Goldens‘ Foundry
Cast Iron Pulleys

Goodyear Industrial Products Div.
Drive Belts, Positive Drive Belts, Variable Speed Belts

Grant Gear, Div. Baldor Motors
Worm Gear Speed Reducers

Fractional Horsepower AC Motors, DC Motors, Planetary Gearmotors, Right Angle Gearmotors, Parallel Shaft Gearmotors, Universal Motors and Stand Alone Planetary Reducers

Grove Gear Div. Regal-Beloit Corp.
Worm and Helical Gear Reducers

Guardian Industries
Flexible Shaft Couplings

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Helland Research and Eng.
Phasing Devices and Torque Limiters

Hernon Manufacturing
Industrial Adhesives and Sealants, Primers, and Specialty Chemicals.

Hitachi Maxco, Ltd.
Roller Chain Drive Products

Hi-Tech Co.
Retaining Ring Pliers

Holo-Krome Co.
Shaft Collars and Couplings

Hub City, Inc.
Helical, Right Angle, Spur, Worm, Gear Boxes – Pump Drives – Ball and Roller Bearings – U-Joints – Drive Shafts.

Hyatt Manufacturing Div.
Ball and Roller Bearings

Hydromatic Pump
Sump Pumps

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Igus, Inc.
Polymer Bushings, Iglide, Drylin, Igubal, Engineered Plastics

IKO International, Inc.
Cam Followers, Linear Motion, Roller Bearings and Spherical Ball Bearings

INA Bearing
Cam Followers, Linear Motion, Ball and Roller Bearings, Ball and Roller Thrust Bearings.

Isostatic Industries, Inc.
Oil Impregnated Bushings, Flanges, Thrust Washers, Bars and Flats, 660-Bronze Bushings and Stock.

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Jason Industrial, Inc.
Power Transmission Belting, Hose and Couplings

Jones Bearing Co.
Mounted Bearings and Take-Ups

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Kasco Abrasives
Grinding Wheels, Cut-Off Wheels, Misc. Abrasives

Ketchie-Houston, Inc.
Heavy Duty Mounted Ball Bearings

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La-Man Corporation
Pneumatic Extractors and Filters

Lee Controls, Inc.
Linear Roller Bearings and Shafting

Leeson Electric Co.
Electric Motors and Controls

Lee Spring Co.
Tension and Compression Springs

Helical Gear Reducers, Gear Motors, Inverter Drives

Lincoln Electric
Three Phase Industrial Motors

Linn Gear Company
Sprocket, Gears, Bushings, Collars, HTD Sprockets, and Other PT Products.

Little Giant Pump Co.
Sump, Effluent, and Sewage Ejector Pumps

LM-76, Inc.
Ceramic and Self Lubricating Linear Motion Bearings

Lovejoy, Inc.
Flexible Shaft Couplings, U-Joints, Vari-Speed Drives, Gear Couplings.

Lowell Co.
Ratchets and Backstops

Lubesite Systems, Inc.
Lubrication Systems, Oilers

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Manitou Mfg. Co.
Stamped Bearing Housings and Oil Impregnated Bearing Assemblies.

Manufacturer’s Industrial Co.
Snapidle Tensioning and Idling Systems

Mathews Conveyor
Conveyor Bearings, Wheels, and Ball Transfers

Maurey Manufacturing
Hi-Q Sheaves, Goodyear Belts, Positive Drives, and Flexible Couplings.

MBL Corporation
Industrial Drive Belts

Medalist Rein Leitzke
Keystock and Specialty Fasteners, Assortment Kits.

Milwaukee Tool and Equipment Co.
Vises, Clamps, Blacksmiths’ and Tinmen’s Tools

M.K. Morse
Hacksaw and Bandsaw Blades, Hole Saws, and Abrasive Cut-Off Wheels.

Moline Corporation
Ball and Roller Mounted Bearings, QD and Taper Lock Bushings.

Murray Corporation
Hose Clamps

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Nachi America Inc.
Ball & Roller Bearings

Nook Industries
Acme Thread, Ball Screws, and Screw Jacks

Noritake Abrasives
Grinding Wheels, Coated Abrasives, Cbn Grinding Wheels, Diamond Tools, Coolant, Grinding Machines, Filtration Systems, and Other Specialty Abrasives.

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Osborn Manufacturing
Precision Roller Bearing Track Rollers: Stud and Yoke Styles.

Overly Hautz
Motor Bases

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Paasche Airbrush Co.
Industrial Airbrush Products

Pacific Bearing Co.
Simplicity Self-Lubricated Linear Bearings

Peer Bearing Co.
Ball and Roller Mounted Bearings

Peer Chain Co.
Roller Chain Products

Permatex Industrial
Industrial Maintenance Supplies. Adhesives, Lubricants, Gasketing and Sealing, Cleaners, Thread Sealants, Hand Cleaners, Threadlockers and Retaining Compounds, Coatings, and Other Specialty Products.

Pferd, Inc.
Abrasives, Files, Cutting and Grinding Wheels, Rotary Burs, and Hole Saws

Plews Division
Airline Accessories, Lubrication and Specialty Tools

Poly-Hi Solidur Co.
Plastic Stock and Engineered PT Products

Polyspede Electronics
AC / DC Vari-Speed Controls

Gear and Bearing Pullers

Precision, Inc.
Precision Pulley, Precision Idlers.  Drum, Wing, Troughing Idlers, Return Idlers

Pro-Cal, Inc.
Precision Track Rollers, Stud and Yoke Styles.  Cam Followers.  Traction Wheel Hub Assemblies.  Shaft/Hub Locking Devices.  Standard Duty Pulleys & Machined Pulleys.  Wing Pulleys.  Take-Up Frames.  Pneumatic Clutches.

Process Control Systems
Motion Switches and Tachometers / Power Demand Monitors

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Rainbow Industrial Products
Table Top Chain and Sprockets

Ramsey Products Corporation
Silent Chain and Sprockets

Rayovac Corp.
Batteries and Flashlights

RBC of America, Inc.
Roller Bearings, Cam Followers, Self Aligning Ball Bushings, Heim Rod Ends, Fiberglide Self-Lubricating Bearings, and Aircraft Bearings.

Renold Power Transmission
Gear Couplings, Speed Reducers, Chain Drives, and Conveyors

Rexnord, Inc. Material Handling
Mathews Conveyor Bearings

Rollon Corporation is a global leader in the bearing and actuator technology market (innovations).
Product Groups:
-Compact Rail (linear roller bearing system)
-Uniline (belt driven actuator system)
-Telescopic Rail (industrial telescopic rails)
-Easy Rail (linear ball cage bearing system)
-Ecoline (affordable linear bearing & actuator system)

Rotor Clip Co., Inc.
Retaining Rings and Assembly Tools

Royersford Foundry
Couplings, Type ‘E’ Roller Bearings and Journal Bearings

Ruland Manufacturing
Couplings and Shaft Collars

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Safeway Slings
Nylon, Chain, and Wire Rope

Schatz Bearing Corp.
Ball Bearings

Scheerer Bearing
Custom Ball and Roller Bearings

Screw Conveyor Corp.
Screw Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Truck Lifts

Sigmation, Inc.
Speed Sensors

SL Industries, Inc.
Lubesite Automatic Grease Feeders

Smith Bearing Co., Div. Accurate Bushing Co., Inc.
Cam Followers

Stafford Manufacturing
Couplings and Shaft Collars

Standard Locknut and Lockwasher, Inc.
Bearing Housings, Adapters, Nuts and Washers

Steelgrip Tools Inc.
Mechanical Pullers and High Pressure Hydraulic Presses

Sunshine Makers, Inc.
Simple Green Industrial Degreaser / Cleaner

System Components Inc.
Flexible and Gear Shaft Couplings

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Tapco, Inc.
Elevator Buckets

Transcom, Inc.
Oil Seals, Metric and Inch Sizes

Tom-Pac, Inc.
Mechanical Sealing Compound and Bearing Gel

Trico Manufacturing

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Union Chain
Drive and Conveyor Chain

Union Gear and Sprocket Corp.
Spur Gears and Rack, Worm, Helical, and Miter Gears.

USA Tolerance Ring
Tolerance Rings

US Tsubaki, Inc.
Conveyor Chain, Roller Chain, Sprockets, Chain Couplings, QD and TL Bushings, Power-Lock, Shock Relay, Disco and Cableveyor.

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Van Zeeland Mfg., Inc.
Sprockets and Chain Coupling Hubs

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Wearwell / Tennessee Mat Company
Floor Mats

Whittet Higgins Co.
Locknuts and Washers

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Zero Max / Helland
Torque Tenders, Couplings, Variable Speed Gearboxes

ZVL-ZKL Bearing Corp.
Ball and Roller Bearings, Split Pillow Block Housings