Bearings and Power Transmission Belts
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Bearing & Transmission provides you with the supplies you need to maintain and repair your machinery.  Our experts will guide you to find the right gasket, solvent, or adhesive for your need.

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We Sell:

Adhesives- Mounting and assembly of bearings, fasteners and many other applications.  We sell several adhesives including Hernon Adhesives.

Lubricants – Greases & Oils – Industrial usage, greasing bearings, reducer lube – synthetic products.  We sell a variety of lubricants including:

Never-Seez Anti Sieze & Lubricant
Blaster Cleaner & Degreaser
Mobilgrease Greasers
HubCity Gear Lube & Worm Gear Lube
White Lithium Grease

Anaerobics – Provides thread locking, retaining and sealing.  Contact us for types.

Belt Dressings – These products stops squeals and protect against belt slippage due to heat, cold, dampness, dust and glazing and also extends belt life and prevents premature wear.

Corrosion Protectors – Protect all types of metals and alloys from rust and corrosion.

Epoxies – Two products mixed causes a reaction to form a strong bond.

Gasketing Products – Use with gasket or alone – will seal permanently.

High-Temp Products – Lubricants and other products for high temperature situations

Hot Melts – Using a hot glue gun to melt adhesive.

Solvents & Cleaners – All types of industrial products for cleaning

Engineered Plastics – Made to Order Shapes, Parts, Materials – We specialize in having product made to facilitate any industrial need such as:

  • Sheet & Rod
  • Silicon & Teflon
  • UHMW, Urethane, Nylon

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