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Bearing & Transmission Supply Co. has been helping customers since 1967. We are experts at Bearings, Power Transmissions, and the equipment and parts you need. Look at the Glossary for Bearings only.

Abrasives – Grind, cut and finish metals and masonry.

Adapters – Adapt different threads and sizes.

Adhesives – is a compound in a liquid or semi-liquid state that adheres or bonds items together. Anaerobics & cyanoacrylic types are available; used for thread locking, retaining and sealing, many other uses as well.

American and International Interchanges – Call for information with a part number to find the product either USA or import.

Belt Dressings – These products stops squeals and protect against belt slippage due to heat, cold, dampness, dust and glazing and also extends belt life and prevents premature wear.

Belt Lacing – Mechanical connection used with conveyor belting.

Blow Guns – Safety and non-safety air guns and accessories.

Bucket Elevator – Conveys material vertically.

Cam and Groove Couplers – Quick disconnect couplings.

Casters – Wheels for carts and other equipment.

Chain Attachments – Roller chains may be adapted for conveying with the addition of attachments.  Attachments may include bent or straight types on one or both sides, extended pin, and wide contour attachments.

Chain Conveyors and Attachments – At high speeds chain drives are quieter and smoother than a gear drive.  Chain conveyors can soften the shock and absorb vibration when in motion.

Clamps – Permanent and reusable.  Worm type – bolt clamps – tools including Bowes toggle clamps; Donaldson exhaust clamps and accessories.

Cleated Belting – Adding cleats to move product on the conveyor belt allows for incline conveying.

Corrosion Protectors – Protect all types of metals and alloys from rust and corrosion.

Drum and Wing Pulleys – Each of these types of pulleys are designed for proper conveyor belt alignment.

Engineered Plastics – Made to Order Shapes, Parts and Materials – We specialize in having product made to facilitate most industrial needs such as:

  • Sheet, Rods, Channel Guides, Tubes, Blocks and other custom shapes.
  • Silicon & Teflon
  • UHMW, Urethane, Nylon

Epoxies – Two products mixed together causing a chemical reaction to form a strong bond.

Evaporators – Removes water from air lines.

Exhaust Filters & Equipment – Donaldson exhaust products; industrial filters.

Extractors – Removes water, oil, and debris from air/fluid lines.

Filter Accessories – Donaldson oil and air.

Filters, Regulators and Lubricators – Commonly known as FRL’s Miniature, standard and inline.

Fittings – Hose ends, adaptors, pipe fittings.

Friction Bearing – A friction bearing generally has no moving parts or slide on itself

Food, Package, and Bulk Belting – Belting designed for conveyor systems moving various products.

Gasketing Products – Used to form a seal or dress existing gaskets between two mating parts.

Gauges – Stand / Liquid Filled – Used for air, hydraulic or vacuum service.

Gravity Rollers – Used in a conveyor system to transport product without the use power.

High Pressure – Hydraulic hoses and fittings.

High-Temp Products – Lubricants and other products for high temperature applications; please consult a sales person.

Hose – Hydraulic & Pneumatic – many sizes and lengths for various applications.

Hot Melts – Using a hot glue gun to melt adhesive.

Keystock – Square, rectangular, oversized and undersized, gib and woodruff styles; inch and metric.

Lagging – Applied to conveyor pulleys to improve conveyor belt grip.

Lubricants – Industrial Grade Greases & Oils – bearing grease, high-temperature, gearbox lubricants, synthetic products.

Magnetic Pulleys / Magnetic Belt Separators – Used to extract metal and separating it from other material.

Modular Plastic Chain – Table-top chain and mat-top chain used in bottling, canning and general food industry.

Non-Friction Bearing (Anti-Friction) – a non-friction bearing has balls or rollers between to races to create a smooth non friction movement

O-Rings – Used for sealing mating parts. Available in many materials.

Polypropylene Fittings and Valves – Non-metallic tube and pipe fittings.

PVC, Nitrile, and Solid Woven Belting – Used for bulk material and package conveying.  Can be used for most applications.

Quick Disconnect Hose and Fittings – Hose Ends and fittings.

Retaining Rings – Clip and Spiral, internal, external, available in different materials.

Rod Scrapers – Cleans rods on hydraulic cylinders.

Screw Conveyors – A means of conveying materials such as salt, grain & gravel.

Seals / Packing – Used to retain lubricants, exclude contaminants.

Shaft Collars – Solid and split, threaded, one-piece clamp, two-piece split,
steel, stainless steel.

Shafting – Plain and keyed – case-hardened, turned ground & polished, cold-drawn/rolled, cut to length – made in various grades of steel.

Skirtboard Rubber – Attaches to sides of a trough conveyor or belting system to help keep materials on the belt.

Solvents & Cleaners – Industrial products for cleaning, degreasing and surface preparation.

Table Top Chain – Ideal for continuous conveying applications such as bottling, canning and packaging of beverages, food, drugs, chemicals and cosmetics.  Also for conveying machine parts.

Tubing and Fittings – For air or various liquids.

Troughing and Return Idlers – Guides and protects conveyor belting.

Valves – Ball / Gate / Globe – Air – steam – fluids – gas – electric and pneumatic activated.

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