Bearings and Power Transmission Belts
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Power Transmission

We will send you the belt, chain drive, or gears that will solve your machine problem.

We sell:

Power Transmission Belts:

V-belts – All types including A, B, C, D, etc.

Conventional, FHP, PowerWedge, Metric, Banded V-Belts
Bushings – QD, Taper Lock, others
Flat Belts and Pulleys
Link Belting
Poly V-Belts and Sheaves
Sheaves & Pulleys
Synchronous – Timing and HTD
Variable Speed

Chain Drives:

ASA and European Standards
Drive and lifting Chain
Engineering Class Chain and Sprockets
Flat Top Conveyor Chains
Idlers – Drive and Conveyor
Leaf Chain
Overload Devises
Shear Pin
Silent Chain and Sprockets
Steel, Cast Iron, and Plastic

Motion Control:

Acme Thread, Shaft and Nut
Ball Screws – Rolled and Ground Thread, Acme Thread, Shaft and Nut; Inch and Metric Sizes
Clutch / Brake – Electric, Air, Mechanical, Overrunning / Single Revolution / Ratchets
Screw Jacks
Servo Motors
Stepper Motors


Drive Shafts
Rigid, Split and Solid
Rubber Element
Universal Joints


Bevel, Miter
Helical, Herringbone
Metallic and Non-metallic
Specials M.T.O.
Spur, Rack
Worm and Worm Gear

Overload and Soft Start:

Centrifugal Clutch
Centrifugal Couplings and PTO
Electromagnetic Clutch
Friction Clutch
Shear Pin Sprockets and Couplines
Slip Clutch, Controlled Torque Drive
Torque limiters

Speed Reducers:

Bevel and Miter Right Angle
Gear Motors
Helical / Worm Combination Reducers
Helical Inline and Parallel
Hydraulic Adapters
Planetary Gear Reducers
Shaft Mounted Reducers – Helical and Worm
Spur Gear Drives
Worm Gear Drives
Worm, Spur and Helical Reducers
Repairs – Parts and Rebuild Services

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