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Bearings for Every Application
Where there’s motion, there’s a bearing.

Bearings are available to suit all applications and should be properly sized to load and speed requirements.  For immediate help, call us at 800-621-0237.  View our Glossary of Terms on Bearings.

We are happy to supply you with the bearings you need:

Ball Bearings (anti-friction)

Inch Bearings – R Series

6000 Series

6200 Series

6800 Series

6900 Series

Extra Small Metric Ball Bearings – 600 Series

—Miniature Ball Bearing
—Radial Ball Bearings
—Angular Contact Bearing
—Thrust Ball Bearings
—Self Aligning Bearing
—Odd Size Bearings
—Agricultural Bearing

Roller Bearings (anti-friction)
—Needle Roller Bearings
—Tapered Roller Bearing
—Spherical Roller Bearings
—Cylindrical Roller Bearing
—Spherical Plan Bearing
—Cam Follower Roller Bearings
—Rod End Roller Bearings

Housing Bearings (are typically ball and roller bearings therefore anti-friction)
—Pillow Block Bearing
—4-Bolt Flange Bearings
—2 Bolt Flange Bearing
—Round Flange Bearing
—Take Up Unit Bearings
—3-Bolt Bracket Bearing
—Adjustable Flange Bearings
—Conveyor Hanger Bearing
—Insert Ball Bearings

Linear Bearings (are typically ball and roller bearings therefore anti-friction)
—Bushing Linear Bearing
—Mounted Linear Bearings
—Pillow Block Linear Bearing
—Linear Guide Way
—Shaft Supporter
—Linear Bearing Shafts

Friction Bearings
—Bronze Friction Bearings
—UHMW type of Friction Bearings
—Glass Filled Teflon Friction Bearings
—Babbitt Friction Bearings

To order bearings, request a quote, or request information, please submit a Quote Request, and a BearingTrans representative will contact you. For immediate help, call us at 800-621-0237.

One type of bearing is a friction bearing.  Friction bearings are sleeve bearings.  They can be bronze, Babbitt, nylon, UHMW which stands for ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, glass filled Teflon.  Friction bearings are used in a lot of applications, for example, using them on rotating shafts or linear motion.  You would use a friction bearing because they can be used under water, friction bearings can be chemical resistant, there is limited space and depending on the material they are more economical opposed to using a ball bearing or a roller bearing.

We carry these and more: 

Bronze Friction Bearings – they can be 660 bronze, aluminum bronze, manganese bronze, and oil impregnated bronze.  Using the right bronze friction bearing depends on loads and speeds of the application and whether it needs lubrication.

UHMW type of Friction Bearings – These are used in an application where lubrication cannot be used.  It can be used in underwater applications.

Glass Filled Teflon Friction Bearings – These would be used in the same manner as a UHMW type.

Babbitt Friction Bearings – are made of a material that can be melted to cast your own bearing yet it is hard enough to carry a heavy load.  It does not shrink appreciably and can be used for large or small bearings.  It can conform to the shaft because of its plasticity.

There is a bearing for every situation.

· Anti-Friction Bearings – examples of these are ball bearings, roller bearings, and needle bearings.  These would be used instead of a friction bearing when higher loads and higher speeds are needed for the application.

And then of course bearings of all variations can be put into mounted units such as pillow blocks, flange and take up units…

Submit a Quote Request for our bearing products and a BearingTrans representative will contact you. For immediate help, call us at 800-621-0237.