Bearings and Power Transmission Belts
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Bearing Trans will find you the equipment and tools to keep your hydraulic and pneumatic equipment running.  Our experts will find you the hosing, tubes, clamps, and blow guns to meet your needs.

We sell:

Adapters – Adapt different threads and sizes.

American and International Interchanges – Call for information with a part number to find the product either USA or import.

Blow Guns – Safety and non-safety air guns and accessories

Cam and Groove Couplers –  Quick disconnect couplings.

Clamps – Permanent and reusable.  Worm gear type – bolt clamps – tools

Evaporators – Removes water from air lines

Extractors – Removes water from air lines

Filters, Lubricators, and Regulators – Miniature, standard and inline

Fittings – Hose ends, adaptors, pipe fittings

Gauges – Stand / Liquid Filled – Air, hydraulic, vacuum.

High Pressure – Hydraulic hoses and fittings.

Hose – Sizes and lengths for various applications.

Polypropylene Fittings and Valves – Non-metallic tube and pipe fittings.

Quick Disconnect Hose and Fittings – Hose Ends and fittings.

Rod Scrapers – Clean rods on air or hydraulic cylinders.

Seals / Packing – Contain lubricants.

Tubing and Fittings – For air or various liquids

Valves – Ball / Gate / Globe – Air – steam – fluids – gas – electric and pneumatic activated.

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