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Bearing & Transmission Supplies is known for their expertise and providing customers with the knowledge and products to meet all their needs.  A well designed V-drive, equipped with the proper type and size of V-belts, is an economical process that makes for a trouble-free power transmission system.

V-belts: A TypeB TypeC TypeD TypeFractional HorsepowerWedge, Metric, Urethane
Synchronous (timing and HTD)
Variable speed
Flat belts
Link belting
Poly V-belts
Banded V-belts
Cog Belts – AX, BX, CX

Belt drives come in many styles, V-belts being most popular.  Belt drives are used in many applications.  They are made of many different materials and we offer all types and sizes.

In addition to its low cost and low maintenance benefits, V-drives offer many advantages not available in other types of drives.  One of the most significant of these is the wide range of speed ratios which can be achieved with V-belt drives and the ability, when necessary, to change speed ratios more easily than with other methods of power transmission.

In addition, some of the difficulties experienced with other types of drives are eliminated by the use of V-belts.  For example, their basic rubber construction acts as a buffer against shock transmission so they serve as automatic emergency protection against extreme overload.

Warning:  Each brand of V-belt has different performance characteristics.  Drives will not deliver the power or service expensed when a mix of belt brands is used.  Always replace complete sets of V-belts with new V-belts, even if only one or two seem worn or damaged.  Do not attempt to assemble two or more used V-belts for a set.  They will not perform as expected.  Reusing V-belts where matched sets are required will substantially reduce the life of the drive.

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