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Material Handling

BTS will provide you with all you need to keep your product moving through your warehouse or packaging department.  Our experts will help you move and handle your product in ways that will save you time and money.

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We sell:

Belt Lacing – Mechanical connection used with conveyor belting.

Bucket Elevator – Carries material vertical.

Casters – Wheels for carts and other equipment.

Chain Attachments – Roller chains may be adapted for conveying with the addition of attachments.  Attachments may include bent or straight type on one of both sides, extended pin, and wide contour attachments.  Components are normal stock for quick delivery.

Chain Conveyors and Attachments – Roller chains can be operated at speeds of up to 10,000 rpm.  At high speeds chain drives are quieter and smoother than a gear drive.  Chain conveyors can soften the shock and absorb vibration when in motion.

Cleated Belting – Adding cleats to move product on the conveyor belt allows for incline conveying.

Drum and Wing Pulleys – Each of these types of pulleys are designed for proper belt alignment.

Food, Package, and Bulk Belting – Belting designed for conveyor systems moving various products.

Gravity Rollers – Used to move the product without power.

Lagging – To improve conveyor belt grip.

Magnetic Pulleys / Magnetic Belt Separators – Used to extract metal and separating it from other material.

Modular Plastic Belting – Same as table top chain and matt top chain conveyors for use in bottling, canning, food.

PVC, Nitrile, and Solid Woven Belting – Used for bulk material and package conveying.  Can be used for most applications.

Screw Conveyors and Elevators – A means of conveying materials such as salt, grain, gravel.  It can be an enclosed operation.

Skirtboard Rubber – Attaches to sides of the trough conveyor or belting system to help keep materials on the belt.

Table Top Chain – Ideal for continuous conveying applications such as bottling, canning and packaging of beverages, food, drugs, chemicals and cosmetics.  Also for conveying machine parts.

Troughing and Return Idlers – Guide and protect belting.

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