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Blaster & White Lithium Grease Lubricants

Blaster – All purpose cleaner and degreaser

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Blaster is used as a penetrating oil to clean metal surfaces such as a rusted bolt or nut that needs to be loosened.  Or simply use it to clean parts.  It is not a lubricant.  The aerosol can comes in a citrus smell.  The aerosol comes in a 12 ounce can and is used to spray the parts.  Or we sell it in a large 1 gallon can that is in a liquid form.  The liquid Blaster allows you to pour over an area that needs cleaned or to soak parts in it for removal of heavy rust build up.

White Lithium Grease

This is a general purpose lubricant.  Will protect against rust and corrosion.  White Lithium Grease minimizes friction and reduces wear to equipment as well as increases service life.  This product can be used on door, hood and trunk latches as well as hinges and compartment springs, seat regulators and tracks, wiper mechanisms, brake parts and cams.

Mobilgrease XHP 220 Series greases are:

• Leading members of the Mobilgrease brand products
• World wide reputation for excellence in innovation and performance
• State of the art products designed by formulation technologists and backed by their world wide technical support staff
• Excellent adhesion and cohesion properties and high drop point
• Provide excellent oxidation stability, rust and corrosion control
• Resistance to water contamination as well as anti-wear and EP protection
• Softer, high temperature greases to allow for extreme cold temperature pumpability

Applications for Mobilgrease XHP 220 series:

Industrial, automotive, construction and marine applications
Chassis components
Farm equipment
Severe truck wheel bearing
Rolling element bearings subject to vibration
Where higher speeds require a grease with higher consistence to provide channeling characteristics
King pins
Fifth wheels
Bucket pins